Montebello 120g

Montebello 120g
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Our most popular popper and no wonder as it has a huge presence, casts like a bullet and can be worked all day without fatigue on the angler.

190mm long with 45mm cup.

Rigging options:

With Trebles: ST76, ST66 4/0, BKK GT-REX 5/0, Jignesis X3 5/0, Gamakatsu, 5/0.

Singles on rear option: S-125, ZP-7S 13/0, Kudako 7/0

Baker rigs for the mid tow point are also effective with SJ-41 9/0 or Jignesis 9/0 or 11/0.

Rings: use Owner size 9 or 10 hyper wire split rings or similar sizes.